Many Texas estates need to go through probate, which is a court-supervised procedure that distributes the estate’s assets. An experienced probate attorney can help make the process go as quickly as possible, while ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are carried out the way that he or she intended.

The Settle Law Firm provides a variety of probate options. These include:

  • Traditional probate
  • Muniment of title
  • Small estate affidavits
  • Affidavits of heirship

Which option is best for a particular situation depends on several factors, including the size of the estate. The Settle Law Firm helps clients find the option that will take the least amount of time to go through probate and be the most cost-effective while ensuring that the deceased person’s wishes are faithfully carried out. After selecting the best option, the firm then guides clients through the entire process.

A family’s probate law firm does not have to be the same firm that prepared the deceased person’s will or estate plan. Families are free to choose a different firm if that would better meet their needs. Some important things to consider are:

  • Feeling comfortable with the law firm’s approach to probate and counseling
  • Knowing that the probate attorney has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide the guidance that families need to complete this often complex procedure with the least amount of difficulty
  • Finding an attorney who specifically works in the county you need to probate in

If your family has recently lost someone, and you need more information about your options for probate in the greater Dallas area, please contact The Settle Law Firm at their Murphy, Texas, office.